Second Life escorts go live

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Web cams help round out RL dimension of SL sex

Many Second Life escorts offer voice through applications like Skype in conjunction with text chat and in-world sex, but a number of them are beginning to show real skin.


One of the appeals of speaking with and watching Web cam escorts, aside from the obvious, is hearing and seeing the expressions and nuances not available via avatars and most animations. While in-world interaction between residents has been limited to text and animation scripts, a richer sensory experience via voice and video chat provides clients with a more realistic adjunct to traditional cybersex.

Billboards of real-life photos depicting escorts who offer chat and video create an almost surreal reversal in Second Life, where avatars are the norm. A number of escorts have started to use the grid as an opportunity to advertise their services, such as at clubs like SLCamz, which caters to residents looking for a more realistic experience. The “cam girls” have pictures inside the club, as well as photos and videos on the SLCamz Web site so patrons know exactly who they’ll be chatting with.

“I like to be sure there’s a real girl on the other side of the line. You never know,” one customer said. “Plus, there’s a larger selection of girls and most will share pictures and free video so you can see before you buy. When it comes to sex, I want the real thing, not a Barbie doll lookalike.”

SLCamz’s Second Life headquarters hosts live video strip poker with one of the women, SL resident Alexia Moana (an RL image from her SL profile is shown at left.) The video can be viewed on the screens in the poker room. A sum of L$250 gets you a ticket in the stands, and double that for a seat at the table. VIP members get special discount prices for events, including access to the exclusive VIP lounge, where they can view in-world videos and pictures. For high-rollers, there’s a hardcore poker event, toys and play included.

Untapped niche market
Traditional Second Life escorts seem to cater to almost every taste, but they haven’t quite tapped into the demand for amateur porn. As beautiful as these digital representations are, they lack one of the main lures of the genre: natural and unscripted deviance, something that’s next to impossible with animated avatars. Prices are sometimes negotiable, depending on the girl herself and whether she’s working independently or in a club.

There’s more to be had than straightforward masturbation and dirty talk, too. There’s a cam girl to be found for almost any fantasy: anal, BDSM, fisting, role-play. Some even provide voyeurs with couple shows of every mix: gay, bisexual, or heterosexual. If you want an escort to watch you, that’s possible, too. Many of the women are willing to indulge any fetish or can point you in the right direction, if not.

Relative security of SL
Escorts can be found in countless places in-world, from independent cybersex workers on the streets of Amsterdam to those in a large variety of clubs across the grid. While a number of the independent escorts offer Web cam sex, many feel being part of an escort club gives them a better edge and more credibility. Unlike traditional Web cam sites, the atmosphere in a club called the Bordello, for example, seems to be more conducive to mingling and socializing without the pressure of sales pitches. Also, interacting sexually is easier for some women in a much more personal venue, where many of them feel safer than “out on the Web.”

“I do both sometimes, but no face and not all the time,” said SL resident Kira Perenti (shown at right), employed at the Escort Island club. “I’m pretty in real life, but honestly just not comfortable with it. I do it once in a while with my regulars and they pay well, but I don’t feel safe. It gives up my anonymity.”

Some escorts, however, feel safer and more anonymous using Second Life as a buffer between their personal life and their jobs as cam girls. They can provide services without trading any personally identifying information with clients. As a result, many women who would never have considered it before are willing to offer live video. Anonymity is appealing to customers, as well.

“I’m pretty much guaranteed not to be found (out) if I use Lindens,” another anonymous client said. “I get to pay SL with my credit card instead of some Web site who will charge who knows what to it, and my credit statement just shows that I’m playing a game.”

Written by Lienna Jael and originally posted on April 1, 2007 at PixelPulse Magazine. © PixelPulse Magazine and Lienna Jael. All rights reserved.


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