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What is beautiful and attractive to a Furry? It can be a difficult question. And it’s one that’s more easily answered — and more readily apparent — in Furs.

It seems that for every Furry, there’s a different story, a different reason for their Fursona and Second Life avatar. No two are the same, inside or out. Still, each one interviewed seemed to share a commonality: each said that it was personality that attracted them most.

“To me, being a furre is expressing who you feel you are deep down inside. Something you know you could never be, but yearn to be,” said Hyteha Ashton, a kitsune. But what does this have to do with attractiveness? “That’s a difficult question, but for me, I have always been fond of the way many furres take being themselves to a new level, so to speak. Never afraid to be yourself, confidence in everything they do. That is what is really attractive to me,” Hyteha explained.

A Fur’s inner attributes and desires are reflected in their avatars, perhaps more expressive than normally possible for humans. Creativity and self-expression are highly valued, and human qualities are mixed with the innocence and candor of animal natures; both are brought into harmony within a Fur and expressed physically in their Fursonas.

To the outside observer, such nuances might not be believed to be so important, particularly in light of media coverage of the subculture. “They think we’re sex-addicted, but it’s no difference with how badly humans can be sex-addicted, I think,” said Hionimi Engawa (pictured at right.) “Thing is, we’re more open with our sexual likings as we partly imitate animals.”

Because Furries present themselves appearance-wise so distinctly, etherkye Hansen, who publishes Playfoxx Magazine in-world, said he tries to be objective when planning his editions. Playfoxx caters to those interested in canine and feline Furry erotica.

“Different people are attracted by different things, so I (try to be unbiased) in the picking of models and just take a selection of different looks and views,” etherkye said when asked what his readers are most interested in.

Hyteha Ashton, a Playfoxx model, seemed eclectic as far as what she found attractive, specifically when it came to physical features. “… I personally have always admired the aspect of human/animal hybrids, and the animalistic instincts they could have, as well as the wild appearance, and definitely the variety,” she said. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, and to me, the way furres are depicted is the most beautiful.”

Not all Furs are as polished in appearance as others might be. Some are true animals in the purest sense. “I don’t fit in as much,” said Ardic Danton (shown at left), owner of Club Pawprintz and a model who will be featured in the next Playfoxx edition. “I’m not perfectly muscled or ‘smooth’ and ‘twink-like’ like most furs seem to want.”

He also explained his take on human versus Furry physical attraction. “I don’t mean offense when I say this, but…while I find lots and lots of human avatars attractive, most that I see or meet seem to be of a more AOL caliber, which turns me off VERY fast,” he said, referring to generic-looking avatars. “There are furries like that, to be sure, but they seem less frequently encountered.”

Hyteha said just like with humans, physical qualities factor into what makes a furry attractive. One aspect of appearance in particular seemed to rank above the rest for Miyu Ling, a kitsune. “How cute they look,” Miyu said. Jemini Jansen, a kitsune who is an exotic dancer at Club Playfurry, thought similarly. “Let’s face it…tails, ears, fur……it’s cute,” Jemini said.

Luc Flanagan, a red husky, said attractiveness had a lot to do with revealing one’s true self. “I think embracing that animalistic side, that loving warm fur we all have deep in our minds, helps us express more of who we are on the inside,” Luc said. “An animal, as non-talkative as they can be, are typically much more expressive of emotions than humans. Language is 95% body language. Everyone has a little furry on the inside. When you were a kid, as we all did, we acted like animals.. Neighed like a horsey or pranced like a doggy. That is something most humans forget… We are animals too.”

Photo credits: Picture of Hionimi Engawa provided by Hionimi. Picture of Jemini Jansen courtesy of Playfoxx Magazine. Image of Ardic Danton taken by PixelPulse reporter Lienna Jael.

Written by Lienna Jael and originally posted on April 28, 2007 at PixelPulse Magazine. © PixelPulse Magazine and Lienna Jael. All rights reserved.

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1. Thelastdirewolf on May 7th, 2007
The magazine has proven itself hypocritical in my eyes, having talked with the creator, and being denied employment because I was labeled a “shapeshifter” and/or “kitsune”. (Check their list of current employee’s for accuracy upon my criticism.)

I wish they were not fathomed to be the epitome of furries, for this reason, as much as I might enjoy certain parts of the magazine…I stopped buying them after being told this information.

Once I get some money, I plan on buying in-game this magazine though…so hurrah.


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