Quilt to be a centerpiece of Pride festival

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Second Life resident Jase Byrne recently stood overlooking a tract of SL land filled with colored blocks that would serve as a means for displaying an expansive AIDS Memorial Quilt. He said he hoped it would ultimately be made up of hundreds of patches, contributed by Second Life residents over the course of the next few weeks in honor of those who are battling or have died of the disease.

“It’s magnificent here, don’t you think? Hop on down,” Jase said, walking amid the aisles where residents will be able to view the display in detail. “The size of this place — it’s awe-inspiring. The number of panels that can be placed at the memorial is 720. I swore I’d fill this place. And I will. I’m hoping we (even) have to fill the aisles a bit.”

The empty memorial Jase was walking through — which had a tall, flame-topped tower at its center — was a duplicate of the one that will be constructed for the 2007 Pride Festival in Second Life, scheduled for June 24-30 on six mainland sims — Ruthenium, Rhodium, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum and Palladium. The quilt will be a major focal point of the in-world GLBT event. In fact, the festival’s opening ceremony, scheduled for 7 p.m. SL time, will largely revolve around the quilt.

“We will light the eternal flame and have a speech given by our steering committee chair, Kamael Xevious,” said Kris Mounier, who is coordinating events for SL Pride. “The ceremony will be centered around our AIDS quilt, to remember the ones who have died and are still fighting AIDS.”

Pride 2007 will boast events and activities that so far will include DJs, art exhibits, dancing, musical performances, a theater troupe, vendors, games, a museum highlighting the historical significance of Pride, and possibly a kissing booth, among others.

A scale model of the Pride 2007 Festival fairgrounds, which will span six sims.

“We are going to try and have events that will be for the European group of folks and the Western group of folks — so the events would be from 6 a.m. to 12 at night (daily),” Kris said. “It will end up 54 (events) for the week.”

Jase, meanwhile, is in charge of coordinating the quilt effort. He welcomes residents to submit patches for it. Each individual patch also can include an embedded notecard with a description, a story, a poem, or any other relevant thoughts a resident wants to share. “Each patch is a memory of someone, a feeling,” Jase said. “Imagine each (display) block being an experience — a life story.”

Submissions can be dropped into Jase’s profile or onto the kiosks that he is setting up around the grid, which also contain informational notecards. PixelPulse has a special guidelines page set up for those who are interested in participating, and one of the kiosks is placed at the magazine’s headquarters.

The memorial quilt was a part of the Second Life Pride celebration a few years ago and is being revived with a nod to its in-world origin, Jase said. “The quilt was started in 2004 by Olmy Seraph and Second Names — it’s the name of the group that worked on the quilt,” said Jase, who himself was a participant in 2004. “Olmy hasn’t been in-game for a long time, but I am in contact with the other members.” Jase said he would like for the SL residents who submitted patches for the 2004 quilt to re-submit them for this year’s, and he hopes to include those submissions at the base of the flame tower.

To help people navigate the memorial, the lots for the patches will be numbered, Jase said. He also plans to put together a guide book for the display, as well as launch a blog to keep people informed about its progress. Ideally, he’d also like to set up a Web page immortalizing the project, he said.

Jase Byrne looks at a duplicate version of the display area for the 2007 AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Pride 2007, which is being planned by an SL committee, is serving as a fundraiser for charity via GlobalGiving. The foundation was selected “because it deals with issues that are relevant to the GLBT community, and the SL community at large,” Kamael has said. “Any money raised over what we spend to put on the festival will be donated through that charity.”

As of this writing, the Pride committee has a balance of L$820,513 (about US$2,858.) Donations for the event are welcome, as well as help from builders, organizers, scripters, event hosts, licensed DJs, merchants, residents who can handle marketing and advertising, and translators for German, Japanese, and particularly Spanish. Residents can join the Pride Festival 2007 group to sign up.

An aerial view of a mock-up for the 2007 AIDS Memorial Quilt display area.

Written by Cheri Horton and originally posted on May 14, 2007 at PixelPulse Magazine. © PixelPulse Magazine and Cheri Horton. All rights reserved.

Below are 3 comments that were made to the original post:

1. Jase Byrne on May 14th, 2007
Thanks Cheri, for a great writeup!

2. Osprey on May 16th, 2007
/me misses Olmy.

3. Hermione Watanabe on May 23rd, 2007
I’m sure you will be overwhelmed with offers but I see you hope to come out-world and online. If you just want a nice looking, e-commerce mailing list enabled website, to build an out-world presence, (perhaps with a blog externally that links in-world) give me a shout and I would be delighted to help as part of my contribution to an amazing effort. My brother is gay and luckily young enough to know about aids in time, the man I love most in all the world is gay, and my dearest oldest best friend is gay and all luckily escaped AIDS so far (if that is not a bad choice of words, if so, I apologise). I was at Gay Pride in London when Danny Tegaglia and Tony Humphreys played a head to head set – life changing night – and I pretty much conceived my first baby that night, so would love to contibute. IM me in world, Hermione Watanabe.


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