Dreaming of nurturing

September 9, 2007 at 2:01 pm | Posted in Gender, Transgender | 2 Comments

The other night I had this vivid dream that I was raising a young daughter. Weird, as I’ve always opted against having kids. Not that the dream necessarily means I long to have a child. (But if I ever did decide to be a parent, I would definitely prefer to raise a girl.)

Anyway, the one in my dream was maybe 8 years old and it felt fulfilling and cool looking after her. I wonder if this represents my nurturing side coming to the surface. Even though I haven’t started hormones yet, I do have a connection and understanding of my feminine self that’s deeper than ever before. Or maybe the girl represented my own blossoming femininity?



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  1. Interesting what you said about how you feel even before starting hormones. As you know, I’m not yet at the hormone stage, but sometimes I think my brain and body are starting the process by themselves. Nothing about nurturing a child in my case, but a lot of other indications that my attitudes are simply different since my realization. I wasn’t much of a guy before, and seem to be less of one now.

    – Ariel

  2. I’ve always believed that our thoughts and feelings affect our biological selves, eg. stress can cause physical illness. Perhaps one’s disposition and emotional state also have some sort of impact on how the body produces and/or deals with hormones? Interesting to ponder.

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